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The Cul-de-sac Print Exchange is a showcase of 21 prints created by Ohio based artists and their interpretation of what a cul-de-sac is/means.

The idea of a cul-de-sac is not only that we’re living at a dead end, but also that we are surrounded by neighbors that create similar conversations that help form ideals. While belonging to a group can give one the sense of safety, it can also create potential fears of those outside of one’s circle. This potentially narrow minded view must be realized and confronted in order to create a society of inclusiveness and understanding.

Contact our gallery manager, Ian Welch, for making an appointment to view in person or for purchasing:

Featured Artist


"This body of work is an examination of my interest in space exploration and how humans send messages into outer space in search of intelligent life. The repeated image in the Messenger Series is taken from an etched plaque created by renowned astronomer, Carl Sagan, and placed on each of the Voyager and Pioneer Space Crafts. The plaque is a diagram intended to communicate to any intelligent life to whom we are and where to find us. Much like the time of the launching of the crafts in the 1970s, I tend to acquire maps, technology, imagery, and props to reflect the ‘golden age’ of space exploration to use in my work. There is a push vs. pull or a control vs. chaos aspect in the way the work is created. Using rabbit skin glue gesso as a sub-straight primer creates a stone-like surface that can be carved, sanded, and even molded. Much like mathematics and geometry, the use of cutout shapes, grids, and patterns act as a set of rules in the image. Risks are taken using spray paints, paint washes, pigments, and resins between the layers to influence the next layer."

All are 12" x 12" wood panels, $375 each

Contact our gallery manager, Ian Welch, for making an appointment to view in person or for purchasing:


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