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elevated design

why gathered?

We love what we do, and it shows. We take pride in creating glass in the home of the American Studio Glass Movement. Our goal as glass artists is to rethink the possibilities of glass in public spaces. Our approach uses both traditional and innovative techniques.

innovative design

Our approach to design is pure and timeless. By highlighting glass's 
inherent qualities we encourage the viewer to rethink and discover their own possibilities. 


Work directly with us - the artist, the designer, the fabricators, the installers.  Open communication allows us to bring your vision to fruition.

the proof

From our own backyard here in Toledo, Ohio to the seven seas, we take pride in each work of art.

0ur work



LOCATION     Toledo, OH

YEAR                2014

SPACE             Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

SOLVES           Depict the vastness of the ocean and                                 provide a tactile experience. 

1,368 six inch blocks of cast colored glass with fused silica sand to represent the landmasses. The Pacific is centered on this "pixelated" illustration of the world to showcase its vastness and importance on Earth.


Windows: Setting West

LOCATION     Miami, FL

YEAR                2019

SPACE             Norwegian Cruise Line, ENCORE

SOLVES           Provides an intimate experience           

                           aboard a crowded cruise ship.

This installation consists of 2,304 cast glass cubes to form a calming composition for viewers often dining aboard the NCL ship, Encore. Taking inspiration from colors found at sunset on the Atlantic, the four unique windows create a complimentary intimate space aboard a less-than-intimate cruise liner.


Oasis canopy

LOCATION     Jackson, MI

YEAR                2016

SPACE             Jackson College

SOLVES          Illuminate a space with tranquility and                              artful design

Located in the waiting area of the Oasis Center, this lighting installation is meant to bring calm to students. The Oasis Center provides counseling and mental health assistance to students and faculty. The cool, rich, dark blues and greens were chosen to mimic the canopy of a calming forest.

inside looking out

LOCATION     Toledo, OH

YEAR                2018

SPACE             Toledo Hospital's Generations Tower

SOLVES           Provides a calming space to reflect.

This installation consists of 3,888 cast glass cubes to form a calming composition for viewers often confronted with uncertainty. Taking inspiration from colors found in local natural areas, the three windows provide viewers a calming opportunity to "look out" while they look inward.


reflection column

LOCATION     Toledo, OH

YEAR                2020

SPACE             Sylvania Southview High School

SOLVES           Commemorates the graduating class 

A seven-foot-tall steel and glass helix emerges from a massive, locally sourced sandstone, and stands at the entrance of a newly built Science wing. The sandstone base represents "home" for all students. The helix, with its reflective glass represents community, while the cast colors and shadows reference the persistent growth of the students as they advance. Textures and shapes within the glass panel allow viewers to contemplate and reflect themselves.

Innovative Design

We believe in quality, intentional design.  We source local and domestic materials when possible, and we have an extensive network of regional artists and fabricators when the job calls for it. Each step of our installation process keeps you involved.  After consulting with you (sometimes several times) we come up with initial design concepts. Using Maya and other software, we render your vision so the work begins to take shape. Fabricating the work in our Toledo, Ohio studio takes time. Together with you, we'll designate a plan to make sure the work is completed on time and within budget. Finally, we'll build and install your piece on-site. We are happy to make the trip world-wide (preferably somewhere warm during our midwest winters).


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